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Useful Links

This is a list of sites I’ve found invaluable in learning all things Cyber Security.

Digital Forensics

  • DFIR Diva – Elan’s site has a wealth of information tailored towards beginners regarding training, resources and even some cool merch too.
  • This Week in 4n6 – Phill’s site is a massive weekly news roundup of all things DFIR. It takes a long time to put such a comprehensive review together so make sure to support the site if you can.


  • HacktheBox – the ultimate Hacker’s playground. Apart from the boot and root boxes they have a range of themed challenges and have recently added the ‘Academy’ where you can learn the skills you need to reach the top of the leader boards!
  • TryHackMe – A more beginner-friendly HacktheBox, this site walks you through methods, tools and techniques for getting that sweet root flag. They are also adding new content constantly including a lot of ‘Blue Team’ rooms where you can learn defensive skills as well.
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