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N0thing is Secure

But we are working on it!

Below you’ll find ideas, CTF write-ups and more. All Cyber Security related.


CyberDefenders – HoneyPot PCAP Analysis

Onto a new site this week! CyberDefenders hosts challenges of the cyber defence theme and it’s a great place for analysts, defenders and DFIR folk to practice their skills and learn new ones as well. Diving right into it, we’ll download the pcap file and open it up in WireShark. Q1 – What is the…

TryHackMe – Forensics Room

After downloading the file and verifying it’s hash via powershell we are ready to get started! Question 2 – What is the OS of this Dump?For this question we can try to determine the profile of the memory dump using the imageinfo command from volatility. Looking at this output we can see this is…

Volatility – TryHackMe

TryHackMe is a security upskilling platform with many different topics covered. This room was part of the ‘Incident Response and Digital Forensics’ track. Many of the rooms on the site are free to access including this one. Task 1 – Intro ‘Volatility is a free memory forensics tool developed and maintained by Volatility labs. Regarded…